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This Real Estate Investment Certificate Program offers a step-by-step, A-Z process for building your wealth and increasing your cash flow through investment in real estate properties; it is open to individuals of any age, educational background, income level, and experience in the real estate market.

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The Melanie Bajrovic Wealth Academy is one of the most comprehensive certficate programs ever developed to help you build wealth through real estate; the program will equip you with all of the knowledge, tools, resources, and support you need to:

  • Buy and hold rental properties
  • Be an effective and profitable landlord for those properties
  • Generate positive cash flow on every property and every deal that you complete
  • Build your wealth and leave a legacy for your family

This package includes reliably proven methods, strategies, and techniques by Melanie Bajrovic, an experienced and successful investor that has built a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio of her own.

What You'll Learn

  • Insight on various investment opportunities through an understanding of land uses; the forces that drive property values; the life cycles of buildings and neighborhoods; how cities develop and change over time, and the real estate cycle.
  • Hands-on experience creating financial models, analyzing cash flows, determining values, and measuring economic returns of real estate investments.
  • Understanding of investment capital through a variety of debt and equity partnership structures.
  • Knowledge of the tools of investment strategy, decision-making, risk mitigation, and enterprise management.

Melanie and her team of specialists will help you achieve your real estate investment goals and riches in the fastest and least expensive way possible, and thus eliminate many years of trial-and-error and potentially costly mistakes.

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  • Gain instant access to 11 online video modules that will teach you the specifics for profitably investing in real estate investment properties
  • 22 wealth-building principles and habits for immediate implementation and results
  • Dozens of proven real-life case studies of confirmed high-profit deals you can duplicate and model now
  • 34 powerful real estate profit systems complete with downloadable tools, worksheets, templates, contracts, deal analyzers, and checklists for you to maximize your earnings and profit potential
  • 32 homework action guides and steps to make sure you are absorbing what you’ve learned to start investing wisely and building your wealth today
  • 250 pages of supportive documentation so you can clarify things you don’t understand and get started investing fast
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Bonus #1 – Legal Advice Video

Melanie interviews her real estate lawyer who provides very specific and in-depth knowledge regarding the many legalities and the potential risks associated with investment properties.  This video will show you how to protect yourself and your properties so that you do not fall victim to dangerous situations or liabilities.

Bonus #2 – Real Estate Advice Video

Melanie interviews her real estate agent to give you valuable insight into how Melanie and other millionaire real estate investors each started their portfolios from scratch and built them into exceptionally successful and profitable businesses.

Bonus #3 – Insurance Advice Video

Melanie interviews her insurance broker who delivers a very detailed understanding and explanation of the different insurance coverages and policies that are available and how to make sure that you are fully protected.  One of the most important elements when investing in real estate is protecting your wealth and assets!

Bonus #4 – 18 additional contracts and checklists (35 in total) to support you in becoming an effective and highly profitable real estate investor; 

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Dave Michaels 

With the education and guidance Melanie gave me, I’ve already doubled my net worth, and its only been 6 months. I can’t believe how far I’ve comWith the education and guidance Melanie gave me, I’ve already doubled my net worth, and its only been 6 months. I can’t believe how far I’ve come.

David Charitos
United Kingdom

With the strategies that Melanie teaches, I was able to increase my net worth by $150,000 on just one property. Without a doubt I highly recommend The Melanie Bajrovic Wealth Academy; and to start investing today!

Salvatore Abbruscato

Because of Melanie, my net worth has gone up $100,000 in just four months.