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The Essential Toolkit for Building a Successful Financial Future

The Most Awesome Money Book Ever helps children and teenagers understand money, develop a healthy relationship with money, and learn important principles of money management. It is a must read for children, teenagers and their parents. Why wait for your children to develop bad habits with money?

Poor financial choices have devastating consequences. Large credit card debt, student loans, inflated car loans, and other negative debts can severely damage a life. Most people live paycheck to paycheck, barely scraping by, struggling and living in scarcity. All of this is because they didn’t receive the vital financial education to help them make better choices. Do you want this kind of life for your loved ones? Get them started right and then watch them grow into responsible and wealthy adults.

If good habits are developed from a young age this changes the course of their life for the better.

The Most Awesome Money Book Ever is a fun and fact-filled book that shows children and teenagers everything they need to know about money! Here are some topics explored.

  • What is money and how it all got started
  • How to earn and make money
  • How to save and invest money
  • What is credit and what are the dangers of mishandling it
  • What the stock market is
  • What real estate is
  • What income taxes are
  • Economic forces that can affect personal finance
  • What currencies and foreign exchanges are
  • The importance of giving back and helping others

And much, much more!

Financial literacy for kids demands a high-quality education, which most children are unlikely to receive either at home or at school. In The Most Awesome Money Book Ever, author Melanie Bajrovic has made it incredibly simple to access high quality financial education for yourself or your young ones!

Melanie is a passionate advocate for effectively teaching and promoting financial wellness. It has never been a more important topic and is a MUST KNOW and HIGHLY UNDER-TAUGHT subject, especially in today’s financial climate. Do yourself and your children a huge favor and check out this incredibly useful and valuable book.

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